At Home

In order to start on a solid basis, a situation assessment is made by a nurse in order to listen to the needs and personalize the care in order to guarantee adequate services. Our qualified and experienced staff are able to carry out numerous examinations and treatments, avoiding having to go to an outpatient department.

Examents and treatments

  • Checks vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, temperature, breathing, weight
  • Simple test for glucose in blood or urine
  • Sample for laboratory examination
  • Therapeutic measures for breathing such as administration of oxygen, inhalations, simple breathing exercises, aspiration
  • Placement of catheters and catheters, as well as related care
  • Preparation and administration of drugs, as well as documentation of the activities associated with them
  • Enteral or parenteral administration of nutrient solutions
  • Rinsing, cleaning and dressing of wounds. Removal of wires, staples, monitoring and removal of redons, blades etc.
  • Care for urinary or bowel evacuation disorders, including incontinence rehabilitation

Basic care

  • Our services are carried out by qualified and experienced nursing staff.
  • Help with personal hygiene and oral care
  • Help with mobilization and empowerment
  • Help with dressing and undressing
  • Placing the patient in his bed
  • Preparation of the pill organizer and explanation of treatments
  • Help with the preparation and taking of meals
  • Change of dressings
  • Bandage of the patient’s legs
  • Putting on compression stockings
  • Prevention of bedsores
  • Prevention and care of skin lesions following treatment

Personal services

  • Economic and domestic advice
  • Logistics organization
  • Ergonomics and safety of the living space
  • Housekeeping (cleaning, shopping, daily activities, etc.)
  • Administrative support (mail, insurance, payments, etc.)
  • Supplies and materials
  • Support in Switzerland and abroad
  • Supervision, advice and support for family and caregivers